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Thanks for the website and the blog, Carson!


Thomas Broadwater

Thanks for the great website. I've followed you throughout your USC career and look forward to following your NFL career as well. Oh, by the way........My 2 year old son's name is Carson.

Derek Shank

Great site Carson. Thanks for bringing my Bengals back from the dead. I know it's not single handedly... but you'll keep us from being bad for the next 15 years. Get that MVP.

Curtis Carpenter

Great site Carson. Thanks for bringing hope and exciting football back to Cincinnati.

Athens Ben-gal

Great Site!! I've been a huge Bengal fan since I was young and I've been a fan of yours ever since they drafted you. I think you are an awesome Quarterback and an awesome person. Thank you for bringing back the excitement to Bengal football and for this Ben-gal!


Hey Carson. Like many fans, I just want to thank for you coming to Cinci and helping to bring excitement back to our Bengals! It truely means alot to all your fans. You have really shown superb leadership, and have uncanny skills for someone so young. Hope you stay in Cinci for a long, long time, because you have the fans behind you no matter what!

Mar eli

oct 29th
just read you are involved with charity: Hillview acres. are you still supporting this charity? if so, whats on the agenda?
sincerely thanks/best wishes /great job congrats on your amazing career
mar eli


Hey Carson
Thanks for bringing the excitement back to Cincinnati. I look forward to every Sunday just so I can watch the Bengals WIN!
My daughter is 4-years old and watches every minute of it with me and her father. She always says MOM THERE'S MY CARSON PALMER!
Keep up the good work! Your #1 fan forever!


Carson, congrats on the phenominal season thus far, keep up the good work! The Bengals are truly blessed to have a leader like yourself! I am probably the only Bengal fan in Michgan and I am looking forward to December 16th when you guys make the trip up to Ford Field to stomp the Lions, I will be dressed in my Bengals gear! Keep the the good work and keep those wins coming!

Ron Storm

I am the director of one of the charities that Carson and Shae are supporting and wanted to let all of you Carson fans out there know that these 2 people are a class act. They are humble, very nice and gracious people. It is a joy to see great success being experienced by such a fine young man. Everytime I have the opportunity to visit with them, they are friendly, accessable and actually interested in what I am saying!! All you Bengal are fortunate to have not only a great Quarterback but a gentelman as well. He is making Cincinnati proud!

Congratulations Cincinnati fans!!
Congratulations Carson!


Looking forward to seeing you out in Ca after the PROBOWL! Stop by Mission Viejo CC for a round.

Matthew Crance

Get well soon Carson. Hope the rehab is going well. I can't wait until next season. The schedule looks tough but I know you guys will be better than last year! See you in Denver.



Enjoy your offseason and get well...Thanks for giving us fans a great season as well as some optimism heading into next.



I just moved to Hawai`i from Cincinnati and was hoping to see you at the Pro bowl in Feb. I will wait till next year. The Bengals and Cincinnati are very fortunate to have you as a representative. You made it easy to get up at 8 am on Sunday mornings and watch football out here. Thanks for the great season. Best of luck with your rehab efforts. Torch Pittsburgh next year.


Michelle Elmeier

I know you will come back and be the premiere quarterback of the NFL for years to come. Watching you play blows me away every time, you have brought back the fire to Cincinnati. I will be praying for a speedy recovery for you. Take care and you guys will get some payback next season on Pittsburgh, I look forward to it!

Dave in Florence

Again hope you get well soon and I hope you and your family have a great off-season.

I've read a couple of interviews you've done before but i'd be interested as i'm sure many other people would be in hearing about your life in Cincy as far as how it's different from back home in California. I would imagine it's very hard if not impossible for you to go out here in the Cincinnati area and just be left alone. You are a pretty big guy and the face of the team so it makes it even harder to blend in. I love the Peyton Manning comercial making fun of this.

Oh well hope you are well, just kicking out an idea for a future blog entry.

Your fan,
Dave in Florence


I know you have heard all about the negativity that surrounded this team before you got here, but words can't describe it. You had to live through it to really understand. I've been a Bengal fan since I was barely old enough to know what football was. I guess that is why I would watch every second of a meaningless game (numerous week 17 games with 2-13 team), listening to my friends and family poke fun at anyone who would waste their time watching a "joke". Well, thanks to you, your teamates, Marvin and even the Brown family, finally the "joke is on them. I think it is awesome that you have this site to interact with the fans. Your "down to earth" personality mixed with your amazing talent is a refreshing change to the NFL norm. I look forward to watching many games through the years in week 17 and beyond that will mean something.

Tom Stevens

You are and have been an inspiration to the city. You always take the high road when making comments about your teammates, why we may have lost, etc. My two boys (Michael 8, Brian 4) look up to you as thier sports hero and I could not be happier. You are a tremendous player and a person and we look forward to you returning to the fields of Paul Brown. Its been tough for the last 15 years as a fan, but you have helped "Restore the Roar" in Jungle. God Speed on your Recovery


Carson--you have no idea how much the Bengals winning means to Cincinnati! I have lived here for most of my 40 years. Our city has been so beaten down so much (riots, Marge, Pete, Bengals, Reds, ...)over the past several years. The whole city was so excited to be in the playoffs. The atmosphere everywhere was just electric--the malls, restaurants, was what everyone was talking about. People were just giddy about it! Even private uniform-wearing schools let the kids have Bengals Day and wear their gear! It was a wonderful season. Thank you.

We are wishing you a very speedy rehab--my 4-year-old son prays for your recovery every night!

Who Dey!!

PS--it has been unseasonably warm here in Cincy.

Ron Rulon

HI Carson It's great to learn of your website. Wish you all the best and a speedy recovery.We want to participate in your charities so will be stopping at Huntington Bank for PLEDGE CARDS. You take care. RON


Thank you for your Blog, Carson! I just wanted to share with you one of my all-time favorite moments in sports. It was when I saw you play in your bowl game vs. Iowa your senior year. I fell in love with your game and was so unbelievably EXCITED to think that you could play for the Bengals! I was so impressed! You were, without a doubt, the most dominating player on the field. And doing practically EVERYTHING and on the run, too! I saw you do everything but throw the deep ball in that game and I didn't see you do much of it your first year with the Bengals either. But, that second play of the game vs. Minnesota just made EVERYTHING all good in my mind! Then, I was completely SOLD! I absolutetly LOVE you being our quarterback. Thank you SO MUCH for coming to Cincinnati to play! Just be yourself and everything will be just great for many years to come!

Brian Boyd

Carson, I have waited along time to see the Bengals in the Playoffs, I have been in the USAF for 20 years in Feb, the last time I saw the Bengals in the Playoffs was in Italy on Europe T.V., currently stationed in Dayton, Ohio. My youngest played quarterback this year for Mad River, we love to watch you lead the Team to Victory, I'm praying for your return, thanks for bringing back the Bengals, looking forward to see you play on Monday Night, drink lots of milk to keep the Patella strong.
Take Care, Friends Brian/USAF

Jim burkhardt

first and foremost I wish you a speedy recovery. I know you will be back soon. but even if your recovery takes longer than anticipated, we in cincy are grateful for the excitement you have brought our town.It is real cool see other fans in public and just a nod is all thats needed to speak the pride we have for our team.thanks again....Jim B.

Deb Beresford

Carson, Hope your rehab is going well. I know you are getting lots of advice but I just wanted to tell you what helped me. I worked in the ER as an RN. I was on a ambulance transfer and was thrown out the back of an ambulance. Busted my tibia plateau to pieces in 1996 and tore all of my ligaments. Did pretty well but I was always fighting the arthritis pain and stiffness. Due to another condition I was told to take Calcium Citrate with Vit D.(generic available at Sam's) I take 2 every morning. Low and behold it seems to make my knee 10x's better. It's strange but if I forget to take it for a few days I can tell it in my knee. It's simple, cheap and may help you. Rehab is really a pain but hang in there. It does get easy again with time. Remeber take it one day at a time. Who dey....and we dey ain't the steelers when CP is at the helm!!!!!!



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