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Mel Wilmoth

You are going to come back better then ever Carson. This is just a part of life's journey and the test we have to go through. You will be fine.



I too suffered an ACL tear on my left knee a few years back. It's a tough road, but I know that when you return, the Bengals will dominate the league and go on to win the big one in Jan 2007.

I have been a Bengals fan for nearly 35 years now, but it was not until December 24th, 2005 that I was able to attend my first Bengals game. What a wonderful experience it was to see so many other Bengals fans! It was unusual to see 68,500 seats and no one sitting down unless it was half time, or a time out. Even if I never get to go again in my life, I will never forget the energy and excitement I felt in the Jungle that day.

Thanks for helping to make the Bengal's a great team again. Get well soon and I'll see you and the rest of the team on TV or at the Jungle.

Tim & Tammy Ashley

Carson ,
My family have always been true Bengals fan`s through the years ,good and bad . We truely believe that this next season , the team will be stronger for having to go thru this tragedy .We do pray for your successful recovery . Take the time you need .We wish you & your family well .
The Ashleys,
Kettering , Oh.

Steve Ault


We love you in Xenia, Ohio!
I have three grandsons (ages 2,1,& 1) and they all wear a #9 jersey on Sunday's. You are a great quarterback and we are glad you are a Cincinnati Bengal.
I just felt crushed when you went down in the playoff game against the "Stealers". I know well about knee injuries. I tore my ACL and meniscus playing football 30 years ago and my 16 year old daughter(she loves you) tore her ACL and meniscus in soccer.
I know you have some of the best doctors and therapists in the country so keep up the hard work. We are looking forward to seeing you lead the Bengals again next season.

Best Wishes
The Ault Family
Xenia, Ohio

Bryan Jones

Hey Carson just wanted to say hi & hope things are going well. I just had acl reconstruction done in september. It is a slow process to get the leg strength back but after 3-4 weeks you will feel alot better. My boy has met you at training camp the past two years. He is a buddy of Kelley Washington so he has benefited by being on the Georgetown field during training camp. He was so excited the first time he met you it took several days for the excitement to where down. I hope you continue to have a good rehab just listen to the trainers and you will be back to take us to the Superbowl.


Carson, Looking forward to next year. Some advice on rehab...keep your chin up at all times. I have been in rehab for 2 yrs for a shoulder injury. Depression is the biggest thing to get in way of a speedy recovery. I am sure you will do well, Good luck.

james baker


So will you be rooting for Seattle in the Super Bowl?? I was about 20 yards from you in the endzone when the injury occured; don't come back too soon!! If needed, missing a quarter, half or all of a season isn't as important as your long term health and future; They sat Willis McGahee for a whole season, and he came back strong...that doesn't mean I wouldn't want you out there opening day--just be cautiuos!!!!

its about 25 degrees here; how warm is it where you are??

take care!!!!!!!!!!

chad drury

carson, you and chad johnson are my idols! i am 14 and have watched the bengals all my life im from cincinnati and am a die hard bengals fan when i saw u throw that 66 yard pass to chris henry i was jumpin up and down and then i turn around to look at the tv and i see u on the ground , it brought tears to my eyes because u rele didnt deserve that and i was worried u because i didnt kno if u'd ever be back but im hearin that u'll be back soo i hope thats true! u and chad r the best along with the rest of the bengals! i hope u get better soon and ur better then ever soo we can show the nfl that we are the best team! who dey think they can beat us?!?!?


This link is great. Thanks, There is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Billy-D here , Glad you started the site. Everybody is asking about you. It good to hear from you as we miss you and the family. I say a prayer for you every week. Keep the faith and hang in there. Hear Billy Brooks visited you. I bet it was good to see someone from home,that is home in Cinn. right? God Bless You.

Randy Meese

Dear Carson,
Ihope everything is going well for you and your family. I was reading our local paper today, and read about your website. I really think this is great.
I have been a Bengals fan since our inception in 1968. I live in the middle of Browns Country, New Philadelphia, Ohio, You probably know what kind of "stuff" I have to contend with, and have for years because there are very few Bengals fans in my area.
I was very disappointed when you went down in the Steelers game, and I'm sure you were too ! I truly believe that if you had not gotten hurt, that we would have been in the thick of the race for AFC Champions. New Phila. is about 24 miles south of Canton, Ohio and I know that you know where that is because I'm hoping to come watch you be inducted AFTER you lead the Bengals for a few years and have a few Super Bowl wins under your belt.
Paul Brown was my hero, he invented the face mask, the forward pass, the messenger guard and a whole lot of other stuff and I believe that he was one of the greatest draftmen, ever.I played football in Jr. High and High School and I really love the game. You can be as nice a guy as you want to be off the field and when you get on the field become an animal. I really enjoy watching how you command the team.
You really remind me of Ken Anderson, although I think you are better than he was, Your passes are like heat-seeking missiles and I'm looking forward to seeing you play for a long, long time.
Be safe and I will pray for you and your family and for a quick and speedy recovery.
Those dreaded Steelers and Browns better lok out next year.
Randy Meese

Debbie Casey

Carson, thanks for thr great year!
I loved watching you play. Hope your injuries heal up fine. See you at Georgetown this year. #1 Bengals fan in Kentucky



Just to let you know what a Bengals fan we are; we got a dog & I wanted to name him Carson but my wife said Who-Dey would be fun; so you know who won that one...we now have "Who-Dey" the Bengal Beagle; I work with Chick Ludwig at the newspaper; and just what is that Chris Henry guy thinking anyway?? I've learned, don't put yourself in those kind of situations---only bad things can happen;

Chad Johnson guarateed Pittsburgh would win the Super Bowl; but did say he hopes they lose!!

have a good day, week, month, etc......

Gary Neeley

Keep that knee iced down brother! Heat and ice..Rebuilt knees ive read are usually alot stronger then before..because your working it harder then the uninjured one..and they sew it back together alittle tighter.Get a good freaking knee brace this time..for both knees..maybe.Hell Namath played 11 years on torn acls..bone on bone..but they didnt have the medicine they have now either...Youll be alright again..Eat your Wheaties,You should be jogging by mid may.. maybe sooner..Talk to me sometime..Gary..aka..Bengaldude_2005


Dear carson you are the best Quarterback in the NFL. I hope that your knee heals and you can have as good or better season this season than last. You are vary popular. I,m your #1 fan.My favorite number is 9. You are cute you hear that a lot don,t you I hope you you can play next year. have fun in training camp. Everyone is waiting for you to be back and on your feet again.

matt o

Prove the critics wrong. I tore my meniscus 3 years ago and had it repaired. I did the initial rehab but grew lax in the later strength building and I hate that I can hardly run. This winter I have been working on getting back to some degree of knee strength. When I am working out I think about your set backs and the road you must travel, your work ethic will seperate you from the pack. If you can come back from this then I can find time to rehab my knee which is far less serious.

Matt Carl

What a season it has been to be a Bengals fan. So many highs and lows, and yet still a wonderful season. We have went to every game at home and went to Ford Field and saw you lead the team to an AFC North Championship. Our best memory of the game was when it was all said and done we cheered behind the bench when clinched a playoff birth. It is also excellent to see our first round draft pick take on the team with such charisma. Plagued by injury in the past, we believe it won't be in the future. Get healthy, stay strong, and enjoy that warm weather out west!!!!!


Hey Carson!
I totally know what you are going through with your injury to your knee. I was playing semi-pro football a couple of years ago and I tore my ACL and MCL in a game. I went through alot of pain and rehab. You will get through the process quickly and you will be back out on the field in 2006 ready to make a run at the Super Bowl. Good Luck in rehab and in 2006.



My five year old son, Daniel, is your biggest fan.

He would like to know what else you do in the offseason besides getting your knee better??

We thank you for taking your time to answer. Good luck next year and Who Dey!!


Hey Carson I think you are one of THE BEST Qb's in the league. I hope you get better soon we need you back for next year playoffs and hopefully we can go farther. When we first drafted you I thought you would help to turn our team around and you played a big role in our playoff birth this year. I'm one of your biggest fans in Bengals nation. So I'd love to have you 100% for opening day

p.s Check Jungle Talk on the Bengals message boards t0o se a big Get well card that me and other numerous fans have signed well thanks for your time.

John R Schottelkotte

Dear Carson,

I just wanted to send you a short note and let you know how glad I was to hear your re-hab is doing well !! I am on of the biggest Bengal fans there is and a 10 year season ticket holder. I knew you were going to be a great quarterback from the time the Bengals drafted you. I remember getting a Bengals limited addition football signed by you at your rookie training camp in Georgetown, KY. I also wanted to let you know my (first) daughter was born on your birthday. Her name is Emily Elizabeth Schottelkotte and she was born on December 27th, 2005. I am glad she was born then because there was no way I wamted to miss a Bengals game to watch you play. My wife had ACL surgery back in 2000. She hurt her knee skiing. Just to let you know, she was back up and skiing the following winter. We all know you can do it ! Get strong and we can't wait to see you guide the Bengals to a win over the Steelers on national TV, September 7th, 2006. WHO DEY forever, the Steelers never ! Go Bengals,
John, Tracy, and Emily Schottelkotte

nick massie

For everyone who was angry, upset, and disapponted ,(including myself), for what happened Jan 8, the man with a new huge contract, responsibility of being a leader, and the passion and golden arm to take us to the superbowl took it better than anyone. That really says a lot about you as a person, and i hope to see more people like you in the NFL. I hope everything goes as planned in your rehab. You definatly have a great future in front of you.
Take care and best of luck.

Jesse Phillips

CARSON...U my boy son!! Keep up tha rehab and keep the league wondering if ur gonna come back wooping ass or not but CINCY knows wassup...Do ur thing BEEN SUPPORTING U SINCE ThAT heisman YEAR BRO!! PFC PHILLIPS USMC


hi dude you rule


nice game, cool and enjoy..

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