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Wow, what an awesome game you had against the Colts! I'm sorry we didn't come out with the Victory, but our offense needs to be commended for the game you all played! I listened to your post game interview on the way home, and I wanted you to know that you are a real class act! Everytime we have a loss, you put the blame on yourself, but when we win the game, I've never heared you take credit for it! I guess that comes with being a leader. You are a true TEAM player and I know you will do your part to win plenty of games for a long time to come! This weekend we are bringing my 8 year old daughter to her first Bengal game and she is pretty excited! GO BENGALS!!!


My buddy and I have been giving eachother haircuts every saturday night before game day all year. We give eachother what we think are "the carson palmer". It may sound weird, but it's good luck and makes us feel like we are doing our part for a victory. Anyway, can you let us in on who cuts your hair and what number attachments they use? We use a #3 on the top and a #2 on the sides and back. Are we close? Thanks and you're the man.

Your fan forever,

Jack Mitchell

PS: I'd encourage anyone who feels inclined to get this haircut to do so. It's badass and it's a conversation starter. People ask what's with the new haircut and you can tell them it's "the Carson Palmer". I wanna see more loyal fans tom at the Ravens game rocking it.

Matthew Engel

Palmer has a blog?

Man you flat out rock! Cincinnati couldn't have anyone better to represent the city then yourself. Keep killing them on the field!

Palmer For M.V.P.



Hey, Hope you know how much the city of Cincinnati appreciates what you are doing. Stay real, and enjoy one of the finest cities in the country.

Chad Gibson

Dear Carson,
I just wanted to say thank you for what you've brought to Cincinnati This year, All my buddies and I do is talk about how great the Bengals finally are. After a few years of let downs we really needed a player like you to step in and lead us to Dare I say it? The Super Bowl. Congrads on winning the Air and Ground player yet again this past week. Good luck and thanks again for everything.

Jamie Fardo

I have to watch you every Sunday, you are doing an excellent job, keep up the great work you show us every Sunday. Go Bengals...

Miss Jamie
# 1 Fan....

Shelley V.

Hey Carson, it is a pleasure to have you as our quarterback in the jungle. I have truly loved watching the games each Sunday.

This past Sunday after watching the game on TV, my best friend, Jenn, and I went to Joe's Crabshack in Newport, KY and I said WHO DEY to a couple women who came into the restaurant in their Bengals gear. That is another way us Cincinnatians greet each other! If you like seafood and haven't gone to Joe's Crabshack, you need to go!

This city has been waiting a long time for a great team to take us to the post-season... keep the fire going in the jungle!

Shelley V.

colin's worth

Who dey!!! Congrats Carson on another great game against the Lions. Congrats on the TD record. And most of all, congrats and THANK YOU for all your hard work in leading the Bengals back to the playoffs!!!


Hey Carson,
What a season you are having! My daughter beg me this morning to wear your jersey to pre-school today (she's 3). She loves the Bengals and is right there every Sunday watching it with us yelling at the TV saying "Go Bengals, and Go Palmer"! I wish you the best of luck in the playoffs. You and the Bengals have definitely brought a new shining light to the city and thank you for that!


Joseph Tkacz

Carson, I don't even know where to start. You have been such an inspiration for me and the city of Cincinnati. I'm so proud of that city and especially of you. You are honestly my hero, and one of the greatest quarterbacks in the game. Thank you Carson for everything, and even if I never get to meet you personally, you've changed my life. Get that superbowl ring, you and the city of Cincinnati, my favorite city, deserve it.

Mike Brown

Hey man, just wanted to throw some words on your blog, since you came to Cincinnati there has been an air of hope when the football season comes around, I was coming to games when Jeff Blake was throwing bombs, I was thinking like this will be the year, but no. Now with the team you guys have we are able to walk tall and proud again, I just wanted to thank you for bringing our team back to the Jungle... Now please, please please please please, go whip the Steelers like a government mule. I will be in the stands, probably hoarse again after the game, but please bring us a win...


Carson it broke my heart to see you go down like that today but I'm sure you will be 100% next season! I have no doubt you will go down as one of the best QBs ever! Now get rested and enjoy the off-season.

Who Dey!

Justin Huntington

Hey Carson, I just wanted to say congrats on an incredible season. You can't imagine what your success means for so many Bengals fans. You are very worthy of your new contract, the pro bowl, and, in my book, NFL MVP. I just got to see the first Bengals playoff game in 15 years thanks to all of the Bengals' success this year. I was absolutely shocked when you got hurt. Kitna did his best, but it's impossible to make up for a pro bowl quarterback. I hope your rehab goes well and I can't wait to see what the Bengals can do in next year's playoffs. Who Dey!


WOW!! I'm still in total disbelief over yesterday's playoff game. I've enjoyed football for the past 25 years and I have to say that was the most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen. I was so excited about our first playoff game in so long and I'm still sick to my stomach everytime I think about that play. I know these things happen in football, but I'm just so sorry that it had to happen to you, it's not fair that you didn't get to enjoy your first playoff game. I'm just so bummed over this, I don't even care if I watch the remaining playoff games, my heart is just not in it.

I pray that your recovery goes well and you will be back in time for training camp. Until you are back on opening day, watching a football game will never be the same for this gal.

Good Luck!


You are the coolest quaterback in the NFL. :)I don't care what Cold Pizza says about Peyton Manning or Ben Looserburger, you rock!!

Hope to see you next season!!


hey carson,
hope you will recover fast from your acl ruptur. you played an awesome season! thanx for a couple of exciting games greetings from berlin germany

the ether

carson, the whole city is pulling for you! all the best for a speedy recovery.

you've got one kick-ass playoff completion in the books. here's to hundreds more in the years ahead.

who dey!!!



We all know how you hate being in the spotlight, but I am still waiting to see you in one of those "Fathead" commercials. :) That would be awesome... I'd tape it and sell it in 10 years as memorabilia.

P.S. Hope your recovery is quick and you play next season! (Do I see a Superbowl game for the Bengals next year?)


Hey Carson

I just wanna thank you for a exciting season with a lot of great games, passes and touchdowns.
I hope you'll recover fast from your acl so we all could see you at next seasons.

Greetings form Berlin, Germany



I just wanted to let you know that I also had Dr. Lonnie Paulo's for a knee surgery a couple of years ago and he is the absolute best! I also had a devastating knee blow out and it takes time to heal. Follow his instructions and you'll be back on the field before you know it. In my rehab, I was with many others people who had their knees redone by other doctors. After a couple of weeks, I was so far ahead of them not just because I wanted to get back to normal, but both I and the therapist attribute it all to Dr. Paulo's expert work. If you visit his office in SLC, you can see how many other professional athletes he has helped. You'll have to add your picture to his wall of fame.
Good luck, Greg


The lost to Pittsburgh was sad, but the real tragedy was seeing you go down. We were at the game, and my husband was cheering for the completion (which was a beautiful pass), and I had to get him to stop to show him what really mattered on the field on that play. It was very classy of you not to blame Kimo for the hit. You are a very good role model for Cincinnati fans! I hope you have a speedy and successful recovery. The fans and the team need you! Thanks for a spectacular season!


Hey Carson,

Congrats on an amazing season! I've been a life long Bengals fan for 31 years, and I can't remember having a better person or talent on a Bengals team. You deserve that new contract, and I believe that you will be a tremendous ambassador for both the team and the city for many years to come. I hope your rehab is going well. Keep the updates coming. I'm looking forward to another great season next year. By the way, what happened to your Trojans? Sorry, just had to give you a little crap...I graduated from Notre Dame and watched you light us up for 4 years. Anyway, I hope you and your family are doing well. Enjoy the sun in SoCal.

Todd Powers

Carson, Being a Bengals fan since the days of Iaac Curtis and Kenny Anderson in the late 70's, through the 80's with Boomer, and the awful nineties with terrible coaches, players until now. There is finally hope in being a Bengals, for a long time it was embarrassing. I must tip my hat to yourself, Marvin Lewis, Chad,all of the Johnsons for that matter, T.J. all of the players. My dignity as a Bengal fan has been restored and i thank you for that. Seeing you go down was the worst thing since Kenyon Martin went down in 1999, or 2000 confernce usa tournament. These 2 years will both go down to me as the years that should have been. But what you have over that is your already in the bigs and will be back next year thats whats exciting. God Bless You, and get healthy, you are Cincinnati. Believe that. -Todd Powers

Jo Campbell

Carson, my heart broke when you went down during that game. I, too, have been a fan since the days of Kenny Anderson, Boomer, and through the terrible years. I don't even live in Cincinnati - call Louisville, KY home, but am so proud of the team effort being made by Marvin Lewis, you and TJ and "the Johnsons" and the rest of the team. I am so proud of you.
I will be praying that your injury will be completely healed. My God truly bless you and your family during this recovery period.


Hey Carson,

Which course did you play at Torrey, North or South? What's your regular handicap? Does your knee affect your swing?

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