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Thanks for a great season. You were terrific and it was great to get a taste of the playoffs.
Good luck in your rehab. The playoffs aren't over yet but I know me and my friends are already looking forward to the '06 season.


Hey Carson, Glad to hear things are going well. Granted, I'm no NFL QB, but I play one at tailgates, I had my left acl replaced about 4 years ago, and it feels great. Kinda bummed out that you will not be playing my first attendance of the Pro Bowl, but I will be wearing an authentic #9 to honor the selection. Take care, and looking forward to the 2006 season.


maan aboulhosn (titusville,fl)


best of luck on your recovery.
my family is praying for you(and your wife)in this tough time.
you are a true class act and deserve much better.



Keep working hard. I can't believe how you have handled this so far. I was really looking forward to seeing you in the Steeler game and as disappointed that I was to miss that, it pales in comparison to what you went/are going through. But, how rockin was PBS??? Keep in your mind how load it was before the game and at that flyover and know that you will hear that again next year and for many to come. Can't wait. Get well.


Keep working hard. I can't believe how you have handled this so far. I was really looking forward to seeing you in the Steeler game and as disappointed that I was to miss that, it pales in comparison to what you went/are going through. But, how rockin was PBS??? Keep in your mind how loud it was before the game and at that flyover and know that you will hear that again next year and for many to come. Can't wait. Get well.

Amy Allen

Carson -
Thank you so much for updating us on your condition. I've been searching like many other Bengals fans to see how you're doing. Not only are you a great quarterback, but a great person. In the years to come, everyone will look back and remember how you handled this situation with class.
Like many others have said, I was completley devasted when I saw you down on the field. My heart went out to you, your family and the Bengals family. I am very relieved to hear that you will be back in 2006. My prayers will contiue for your speedy recovery.
Thanks again for the updates, it really helps to see how determined you are to get back to the Bengals family. I know I am counting down the days until I see you on the field again.




I want you to know how appreciated you are in this city. Not only because of your amazing God-given talents, but because of your classy attitude. What a great role model you are!

Please take your time recovering--don't rush it. We'll be here patiently waiting for you!



Good luck in your recovery. As a season ticket holder I cannot wait to see you under center for the first game of the year (but take your time and make sure you are healthy). You are the brightest star in the NFL and we are proud to have you in our city. Not only are you a fantastic player but a fantastic person as well. We appreciate that you love our (your) city as much as we do.

Good luck rehabbing. Hopefully you will keep us up to date on your progress. We will be praying for your health.

Who Dey 2006!

Blaine Butcher

I hope you get better soon.I am ten years old and I met you this summer at training camp in Georgetown. You signed an 8 X 10 that I have on my wall in my room. Thank you for that, and while rehabbing think of the Super Bowl that you will lead us to. We pray for you every night. God bless & Who Dey !!!!

Blaine Butcher
Washington WV


Hey Carson

good luck getting that knee back together. i'm sure it'll suck somedays, but take a deep breath and it'll be cool. when you get back in town, if you need a break or something drop me an email and we'll go get a beer.


Jim in New Jersey


Great to hear you are doing well!!
Being a Bengal fan since 76' has had its ups and downs. Mostly downs in the pre-Marvin/Carson days. Thank you for restoring pride in the Bengals and us..the fans the last couple of years. It has been nice not getting laughed at because I'm wearing my Bengal cap or always being asked "why the Bengals?" It was a good feeling when people said to me "Good day to be a Bengals Fan" after we beat the Steelers this year. Making the playoffs for the 1st time in 15 years...Man that felt good. Now, I'm a grown 38 yr. old man, when you went down on the second play I cried like a baby. One...because I knew it was bad. Two...because I thought your career was going to be over and how unfair it would be to you for it to end the way it did. Third...because us DIE HARD Bengal fans have waited so long to have a leader like you back on our team. I'm sure I speak for many when I say when you went down the way you did "It was personal". So, get well soon, don't rush it because when you come back we will all be cheering you on to Kick the Squealers teeth in on Monday Night. Remember, just pour on the points the way you did to my Irish. :)

Jim in New Jersey


Just wanted to say hi and congrats on the great year and the winning season. You are a helluva QB and if you keep playing the way you did this season you will be a HOF hands down. I told myself last year during the 04 season that Carson is the real deal. He's John elway but better. There was a stretch of games there where you really shined like in the New England game. I thought we should of beat them. That would of been nice.
As far as this season goes, it was a blast..You had your ups and downs like the JAX game and the Buffalo disaster, but I dont attribute alot of those losses to you. Our defense is subpar but when we pick up some key players in this years draft, watch out!
Anwyays, hope you have a successful rehab. I will see you at mini camp just like last year. I am a diehard Bengals fan and I was at mini camp early and some days I was the only fan there across the street from the practice field but it was great meeting you and you've signed like 6 things of mine and I respect you alot and will keep these things forever, to my grave.
Take care Carson and enjoy your time back in Cali.

Bill Rogers

We love you man! You have got mad love and respect coming from south of the river here in Northern Kentucky. I was gonna buy your pro bowl jersey this year, but I will wait till you start in next years's pro bowl, that one will be much sweeter. God bless, and we will c-ya next season buddy!

Big Bill

Derek Shank

Get better CP! When we drafted you, I went out and bought a #9 jersey, and was excited to see how you would do, because I'm a Bengal fan.

After seeing you play though, I'm not just a fan because you wear stripes. You transcended being a "Bengal" to me, and became hero-like.

Watching you injured hurt more than just watching the Bengals season end. I had to watch the Bengal's savior lay there with his career in jeopardy.

Personally, I wouldn't care if Joe Montana's reincarnation agreed to play for the Bengals for free. I would let him know that he can only play until you get back... so get better man! We're not the same without #9 back there.



Thank you so much for updating your website with info on how you are doing! Your integrity and commitment shine through! We are praying for you and know that you will be back to play with our team in 2006. Take care of yourself and know that we appreciate your commitment to work so very hard in your recovery! You are an inspiration to all of us!!



Hey Carson,
I just wanted to let you know that I think you're a really classy guy and a great role model. I'm from Houston but have a friend from Cincinnati who loves y'all and she sent me this site, and I think it's great that you try to interact with your fans so much. Let's just say as long as the Texans aren't in the superbowl or playoffs (which might be a while) GO BENGALS! Good luck with your rehab and season next year. I'll be praying for a speedy and healthy recovery.

Blair Trame

Carson, you are truly a class act. You handled the injury (cheap shot) like a professional, whether it was a cheap shot or not. Good luck with your rehab. We are all pulling for you. Get better so you can light those towel waving Who-Dey We-Dey cheering classless b@$%@^&$ up for five touchdowns a game next year.



I wish you the best man, you are a great athlete and i hope you make a 100% successful recovery. I know I, as well as all bengals fans, felt a severe sadness when you went down; and we all want nothing more than for you to come back ready to take cincy to the next level.

Keep grindin' bro


Steeler fan


So sorry about the injury. As a Steeler fan I hope to see you back and healthy next year. You have brought back a great rivalry. Work is so much more fun with happy Bengal fans to verbally joust with.

Tim Baker

It is great to see that you good spirits and are ready to work hard to get ready for next season. I am a life long Bengals fan and love the spirit and pride you have helped bring back to the Cincy. I look forward to seeing you play the remainder of your career in Cincy and hope you can continue with the success you started this year.
Who Dey!!

Jerry Bradshaw

First of all - I am NOT Terry Bradshaw. He has the money but I have my hair.
I am 65 years old and have been a Bengals fan ever since I moved to northern Kentucky in 1973. I am a retired schoolteacher and, while my only son never played football, he did play basketball and is now a basketball coach. I spend a lot of my time at home in a wheelchair so I know how lonely rehabbing from an injury can be.
I just wanted to let you know how much joy and hope you have provided me through your leadership of our Bengals team and your wonderful example of a fine, upstanding person. I know some rehab days will be harder than others but I feel confident that you will overcome this obstacle and come back even stronger than before. I anxiously await your return in 2006. Let's do what the Colts couldn't - 16-0 and a trip to Super Bowl 41.
My 2 favorite teams are:
1) the Bengals
2) whoever is playing the Steelers

God bless you.



Thanks for the great season...what we all hope is a preview of many great seasons to come. You and the rest of the Men of Marvin have done what many in the country deemed impossible - you've restored this franchise to respectability. Good luck in your rehab!




I am so glad to see that you are recovering nicely! I am looking forward to the first home game when my family, me and the rest of the Jungle will watch you make a triumphant return!

You have been in my thoughts and prayers since your injury occurred and will continue to be.

Who Dey!



I'm not sure if you read all of these but I just want you to know that you are on of the most down to earth men I have ever seen. The way you handle yourself is second to none. You are a class act.

In regards to the injury I can only say depression... That is what I felt when you went down. Then when I heard of that the injury was worse than they thought and that it could be career ending.... Well I know it was taken the wrong way and that you will be back next year, so I am very excited about the future. Thanks for everything you bring to our city and our team. I am praying for you and I am looking forward to my third season as a season ticket holder.... Section 132 seat 20.


Jason A. Diegmueller

Carson Palmer #9 on the jersey, #1 in our hearts!

Who else felt sick to their stomach at PBS on that fateful day? It went from fear and concern ("why is CP lying on the ground?") to rage after seeing the replay on the Jumbotrons. I think we all knew immediately, and once the cart rolled I became sick to my stomach.

I don't know much, but I do know that vindication will be Cincinnati's in 2006! I predict CP will rise from the ashes of 2005 to come back and throw 41TD, 5INT during the Regular Season. I predict playoff records being broken as well!

Vindication will be ours, Cincinnati!


WHO DEY 2006

-jd (also a Regular Guy!)

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