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I would like to thank the Brown family and the Bengals for signing you to a long term contract. That means my Bengals will be winners for a long time, plus there are plenty more Boomer records for you to break.. I know you will be back 100%, and I will be there wearing your Jersey watching you throw your first touchdown pass.

WHO DEY!!!!!!!!!!




All of Bengaldom is anxiously awaiting your return in 06. You've brought a sense of victory and redemption to many of the long-standing fans and made new fans with your skills and talent. I personally am looking forward to your next game against Pittsburgh to show them who the best quarterback in the league is.

You serve as an inspiration to all of us and we all wish you the very best and a speedy and complete recovery.



Cincinnati is thinking about you and we wish you the best! We can not thank you enough for what you do both on and off the field. We are looking forward to next year, and will keep you in our prayers. Get well soon!


Congrats on a great season and good luck with the recovery. From someone who has undergone a similar injury, I have one piece of advice. Even though the therapists tell you that you can't do something you know that you are ready for, listen to them. Long term it will be in your best interest. I know this because I did not listen to them and regret it to this day. Again, good luck and we are all pulling for you.



You are the man. Keep up your spirits and visit my Odell website at http://odell-thurman.will-o-rama.com



Keep your chin up as you face a difficult offseason. I think all of us fans want nothing more than to see you on the field in September but I think it's even more important that you have a full and successful recovery irrespective of your football career. In other words, don't rush anything.

My brother has been a huge USC Trojan fan for a very long time in the heart of Big Ten country and I wanted you to know that there are some Cincinnati fans that have been watching you for a lot longer than the last few years and you have always been a high character, high integrity guy on and off the field. With that said, all I can pray for is that good things do indeed happen to good people like you.

Keep us all posted and you're in our prayers. "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength". Much strength to you as you rehab.




You are such a class act. I appreciate your leadership, drive and determination. Best of luck with the rehab and enjoy the warm weather. Looking forward to Super Bowl XLI !



I was so sad to see you go down during the game, not because I wanted to win so bad, but because of what you mean to Cincinnati. After the game, my mom told me that she heard you are a Christian (is that true - we know Kit is) and I believe through prayer and faith you will make a full recovery. Anyway, God bless and I look forward to next season and the continued rebirth of the Bengals thanks to you and Marvin at the helm!



God bless you bro. I'm praying for your speedy recovery. You have shown us all what a classy guy you are and I'm looking forward to watching you play for many years!


I have been reading all the comments and I think it is great
that you have so many people praying for you. I agree with Deron just take your time and
remember God will give you the
strength you need. Also, How cool
you got a message from Odell. Thank God for you and all your team players.

Jeff B 22

CP -

Godspeed! It's been a while since I've been this proud of our franchise and any particular player. Our family has had season tickets from day one at Nippert Stadium and I have been a life-long fan. The class and humility you display is a great example for all, young and old - athlete or not, to learn.

We continue to hope for your complete recovery and look forward to your eventual return. I really enjoy South Beach in February! I expect that I'll see you there on Feb 4th, 2007!



On behalf of thousands of Bengals fans, thank you. Your committment to the team and to the people of Cincinnati has defintely been noticed. I know me and my clan all said a prayer for you when we saw you go down on the field. I have not had such a bad feeling in my stomach, watching sports, since I saw Kenyon Martin brake his ankle in the C-USA tournament. It is not every day that an athlete garners that much respect and admiration from his fans.

Get well soon, and we can't wait for Who-Dey next season

Kevin Schwab

Best wishes from the front office staff of the Florence Freedom, Northern Kentucky's only professional baseball team. We all enjoyed watching a "New Tradition" of Bengals football and we wish you the best during your rehab.
As a Northern Kentucky boy born and raised, seeing that injury was like watching Christian Laetner hit that shot against Kentucky several years back. Your Bengals aren't the same without you and FINALLY there IS a next year!


Just wanted to let you know that it is great to hear nothing but a positive attitude come from such a dynamic leader. As a fellow Cincinnatian living in SoCal, I wanted to inform you, that you do have Bengals fan on the west coast. If there is even the slightest chance you need anything, I as a Bengals fan am ready and willing to help.

Looking forward to next season,


Mr. Palmer,

I have never posted anything like this before, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to join the many people who feel exactly like I do.
You're much more than a football player, you're a gentleman and a class act. I too was devasted by your injury, I was at the last Bengals playoff against the Raiders in L.A. and had waited a long time for another chance to attend a Bengal playoff game. Although we all wanted to win, the game became secondary to your condition. Keep us posted on your progress and we're all praying for your speedy and full recovery.




Thanks so much for setting up this blog and keeping us up to date. I'm sure you know this already, but Bengals fans everywhere are behind you and can't wait to see you back out on the field next season! Best of luck with the recovery. Who Dey!


Jimmy Johnson

Hey Carson, hope your doing better everyday then you were the day before.We miss you very much and you are allways in our hearts and prayers.Just wanted you to know that what you have done with Marvin,your teamates and we the fans, has truly been a blessing for our city.We will be watching here everyday for more information on your recovery.God Bless You and your family.I am going to pray that ICKEY WOODS will show you how to do the ICKEY SHUFFLE.Then we will know you are truly recovered.Ps Dont leave Kit out this year, im sure you can make a few arrangments to keep him,he is another blessing for Cincy.


why all the drama in the media over your guys' halftime in the playoffs????



Get well buddy and have a great offseason on the road to recovery. In reference to Paul Brown's famous quote, I say Thank You for making us all believers again. God bless and best wishes to you and your family.


christopher draper

Carson, I'm so gald to hear your doing well. I've been a Bengals fan all my life and at 42y/o I lived through the ups and downs. You are a much bigger man than me. I still have a problem with the hit and sometimes think what if ? It's actually kept me up at night and with three little ones it's been tough. Thanks for being a great leader and keeping a positive focus. I think Marvin's got the right building blocks in place and the Bengals best years are coming up. Thanks so much for embracing the organization. I can actually say when the Bengals (we) drafted you the cloudy days would soon be over. My oldest Christopher has a Chad Johnson jersey the other Kevin a number 9! Good luck and God speed!! Chris


Hey Carson,


Im so glad that you are comming back next year 8-)

Next yar is our year SuperBowl41 baby ya !!


Ashley Williams


Best wishes for a speedy recovery. You don't know how great it is to watch the Bengals win again. I stuck with them all 15 years of misery and even stood by the Bengals when I moved to Chicago. Best of luck next year!




I wish you well in the next few months! I hope rehab isn't too painful. Remember: No pain! No gain! I can't wait to see you back on the field next year. You are the reason I come back to being a Bengals fan! Thank you for all you have done for the team!
Keep us posted on your progress!

You are in my prayers!

Good luck!


Jim Grimm

You and your wife are in my thoughts and prayers as you recover from this difficult injury. Thanks for sharing your heart in this blog.

God's richest blessings

Jim Grimm
Director of Ministry Life
St. Peter's Lutheran Church
Edina, Minnesota


Thanks for the personal touch with your site. Being one of the biggest most diehard fans ever,I want to congratulate you and the team and coaches for a very exciting season. We would have kicked Pittsburgh's butt if you hadn't got hurt. I a rare fan that doesn't believe it was intentional. I have known players in the NFL personnally and I've even met Kimo. It's rare to find a player that would trash another players career,possibly. I'll see you at training camp. Tony

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