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Glad to hear that you are recovered! (Your injury was all the Steeler's fault) I think all of us here in Cincy and elsewhere have been waiting for updates on what your status is. Thanks for the great season!!



It's fantastic to hear that your recovering and that the surgery went well. I had the unfortunate experience of being at the game when you were hurt. Let's just say that I couldn't even make a call to find out the status of your injury from the telecast due to so many people doing the same thing.

All in all, I think the fans are excited about your commitment to the city. It's quite an honor to have not only a player of your caliber, but a person that has taken upon himself to embrace the city of Cincinnati. I just recently moved to Cincinnati from central Kentucky where there is not a lot of professional sports to cheer about. I know that, you've already generated a copious amount of love and respect with our stately neighbor to the south.

Furthermore, this blog is a great idea. I hope to see more posts from you during the offseason. And as for the anxious Bengals fans in the U.S., the moment you take the field for the first home game, you'll definitely know just how much you were missed.

Adam C.



First off, I just want to thank you for the amazing season. The last time we were in the playoffs was 1990, and I was 7 years old. Needless to say, I don't really remember that season.

I hope your rehab goes well. I know that it can be very frustrating, I went through a good 6 months of rehab after reconstructive surgery on my hand. Just don't let yourself get down! It will all be worth the hard work when you're back on the field completing passes to Chad Johnson, TJ Houshmandzadeh, and Chris Henry, the best WR corp in the entire NFL!

Just guessing here, but you've probably got a good 800,000 people here in the Cincinnati area praying for you on a nightly basis :)

Jay Lakins


First off, I want to wish you a speedy recovery. I was at the game and as soon as I saw the replay, I knew it was bad. You're a fighter, and I know you'll come back better than ever. You were already an inspiration to an entire region beforehand, and you'll be even more of an inspiration to us afterwards. People like yourself, Coach Lewis, Chad, Willie, Odell and others have worked hard to restore the pride in all of us Bengals fans who stuck with the team through the "dark ages", and rest assured we appreciate it! Enjoy the weather out there in Cali, and we'll see you this summer! Thanks for a great 2005, and I look forward to 2006!



It was so great to read your most recent Blog, I've been checking every now and then to see if you had posted anything new.

It was a big relief to read that your surgery went well, and everyone knows you will be working hard in the off season to get back in time for the 06 Season.

I'm starting to feel better about football now, but I still won't be excited to watch a football game until you return next season. Although, I have to admit...I'm am a tiny bit excited to see Denver put a whoopin on the Steelers this weekend. We all know it should be our Bengals playing in the playoffs and not the Squealers. Oh well....I know I need to let it go.

Anyways, It's good to hear that you and your wife plan on being in Cincy for a long time. Us fans will be anticipating your return and looking forward to next season. Take Care and keep us all informed!


What a great site! Thanks so much for updating all of your adoring fans. You are such a wonderful rolde model to everyone - not only as an athlete but also as an outstanding community member. I am an elementary school teacher, and all of my students know what a big Carson Palmer fan I am! In fact, we made you get well cards that are on their way to Paul Brown Stadium! My family and I are praying daily for your quick recovery. Keep your spirits up and know that we can't wait for you to come back!!

Lori G.

This has been a great season! I have been a Bengals fan since the early 80's and I have stuck with them thru the good and the bad.
I know you will do everything you can to be back in full strength come next season. I'm sorry about the injury...i was so upset, i cried. You didn't deserve it and I think it was a bad hit, but I have to follow your lead and just call it how it is...a game and you have that chance of getting hurt while playing it. You are one classy guy I know that. My sister is pregnant and we just found out it's going to be a boy. My goal is to get her to name him Carson. Thank you again for bringing the Bengals back to life. Thank you, Marvin and the rest of the guys! I can't wait for 2006...it's only going to get better!



Get well!

Our office in the Carew Tower decorated the all of the windows on the 34th floor and now we want to send you a get well card. Where can we send it?



Please get well. I was the guy in denial the entire first half, I really thought you were going to ride out on your white horse like Marvin suggested. The worst part about the game was the what if's. What if you played the entire game, I think it would have been a blowout. Noone can stop you. It is weird to talk amongst all my freinds and realize we would not trade you for any other quarterback in the world, that is the truth, and that feels good as a fan to have that confidence. Cannot wait for next seaston. Please take care of yourself.

Troy Whitt

AS a fan just wanted to wish you and your family well. I'm positive you will be recovered for next year.Just wanted you to know we will be prayin g for you and your family as well as to your good health.looking foward to next year.

Bill Swaim

I enjoyed your comments, Carson, and you are taking all this better than I am. I still think it was a cheap hit, and the only way they could beat us.

I've played and watched football for a long time, and you are a truly top echelon player already. You could end up as the best.

My son and I met you and your wife at a promotional event in Springfield, and you were both class acts.

We talked to Shae for awhile and she actually had a genuine conversation with us, not just the typical patter you usually get at these events.

Remember, as you work this rehab, what they said during the draft: "If they cranked into a computer, all the outstanding qualities needed to be a great NFL quarterback, the computer would say: 'Carson Palmer.'"


Hi Carson,

I don't think I will ever forget your 68 yards touchdown pass to Chad Johnson against the Colts. I can still close my eyes and remember every second of that play.

Every Bengals fan will pray for your quick recovery.

Best of Luck !!!!


This blog is a great idea Carson! I'm sure I'm not alone, but I've been searching high and low for information on your recovery since there were so many conflicting reports out there.

I can't imagine the grueling rehab you're going through, but we are all pulling for you and are very thankful for the wonderful season you helped guide us to.

I'm a season ticket holder and am in section 151, row 15 just behind where you went down during the playoff game. It was awful, but Jon did an admirable job in relief, I certainly hope he comes back!

We can't wait to get back in The Jungle next fall and see you slinging the ball again. Good luck Carson and PLEASE keep us updated on how you're doing with your rehab!



CP, great to hear that everything is going smoothly right now. Keep doing what you do man, whatever works for you will work for the bengals nation-> speedy and safe recoverery for you and hopefully you can get out there on that golf course-> ever need anyone to play golf with I am your man!!!

Keith Whitely from Ontario Canada

Hey Carson,
I'm a student up here in Canada and I really enjoy sports in general, but more specifically I am a HUGE NFL football fan. Besides what you have done for the City of Cincinnati, I believe that you are a tremendous rolemodel for all professional athletes. 'Form is temporary but Class is permanent!' I hope and pray for a full and speedy recovery as no athlete would want such an injury. Take time away from football and get your bearings back so that you can command the field and rip into opposing teams secondary with Chad, T.J and the rest of the boys next year.

Good Luck, Take Care & WHO DEY

luke dooley


Great to hear that surgery went well. Great call on taking up recovery in So-Cal as opposed to the 'Nati. Obviously much more conducive for rehabbing, etc...

I guess I sort of feel like I owe you a thanks for the great season. Of course it was a team effort, but you were the general, and we have lacked that here in Cincy for such a long time. It is encouraging to hear you talk about Cincinnati (team and city) in such a positive light! Hopefully some of what you guys did as a team will rub off on the Reds (have you become a fan, or are you a Dodgers guy?).

I wish you the best as you recover from the injury. Can't wait to see you back on the field guiding us to playoff berth #2 next year!

Dale Potter

It has been great reading your post. We are all looking forward to next year and another great season. It is great to have the Jungle back and you have been a tremendous part of that. We have faith you will return in great form and continue to lead our team to the promise land.
Pat your dogs on the head for me and have a great WHODEY.

kevin isaacs

From a fellow californian...thanks so much for the season...you and the whole team...it was amazing to see my team back to a powerhouse...it was like a shot in the heart when you went down...but then to hear your going to recover fully makes it all better...can't wait to see you back behind center next season...here's to a speedy recovery and a winter full of sun and 80 degree days in southern cali...



Hey Carson!
I am so stoked about 2006, I have
a great feeling that your going to
ready to go sooner then not...I was
at the playoff game and went from extreme elation as I watched that
beautiful pass land in Henry's arms to extreme devestation as I realized you were on the ground...I hope for your speedy recovery! I'm so glad you want to be here in Cincy, you
along with Chad, Rudi and the rest of the team have brought the magic of the NFL back to Cincy...I just can't wait till the new season starts! Hang tough, work hard and
we'll see you soon!

Jason Whitaker

Carson, thanks for being the consumate professional. Thank you for the outstanding season and we look forward to many more. Work hard as we all know you will and return to doing what you do best, lifting this city up, giving the die-hards something to smile about and most importantly something to beleive in again. Can you pitch? Reds need a leader like yourself.
May God continue to bless you richly.....



Get well soon, man. We all look forward to seeing you beat the crap out of the Steelers next year.

Way to keep it classy about Kimo Van Cheapshot.



Mr. Palmer

First off, I just wanted to say thanks for a great season and I hope you have a speedy recovery. Its was tough watching you go down like that. But, I hope I can give you words of encouragement. I have (c.p.)cerebral palsy and when I was 9yrs old I had to have all the ligaments in both legs surgically torn apart and stretched, so believe me I know your pain. I have always loved football so in 8th grade I played, I wasn't that good but I gave it my all, what I'm trying to say is when you feel like you can't deal with the pain, don't forget that playing football is one of the greastest feelings on earth.
Finally, I thank you for giving your time and financial efforts to the Childrens Medical Center, without people like you it would be tough for children get the services they so diservingly need. When you get back and throw that 1st touchdown it will be a great encouragement for all of us.

God Bless,

Matthew PLunkett


Glad to hear you are doing well, and that the surgery was a success. I a really looking forward to seeing you trot out of that tunnel for the first game of the 2006 season and leading the Bengals to another awesome season as the true champs of the AFC North defend their title. Peyton needs to move over because there is a new sherrif in town, and his name is Palmer!!!

Get well soon. We got Bengals fans here in Hampton Roads praying for ya. Looking forward to hearing from you again.

ryan d


Since LA doesn't have a team, why don't you do some major campaigning for the Who-Deys to be LA's team (or Orange County's). Your leadership is tremendous, good luck with your rehab, and the Jungle will be twice as loud next year for your MVP season.

P.S. - Can you pitch?


Long time Bengals fan here. Glad to hear that the surgery was a success, here's to a speedy recovery. Thanks for the season just over. It exceeded a lot of fans' expectations. I account the great season to your personal success. I hope to watch you play for many years to come.

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